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Catholic Charities of New Orleans Marketing & Design


Q: Can some new marketing tactics and a reimagined volunteer program make impacts on an organization's success?

A: Yes! These campaigns benefit the English as a Second Language (ESL) program of Catholic Charities New Orleans (CCANO), which empowers local immigrants through education and community growth. After implementing these initiatives, enrollment of ESL students not only increased from 590 to 639 students, but 50% of them completed the program with 40+ hours of class time—unprecedented for the small program.

  • Project: In-house marketing and design for Catholic Charities of New Orleans

  • Skills at play: Concept development, interviewing, research, copywriting, photography, social media marketing, layout design, program restructuring.

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Internship booklet

The Opportunity:

Every semester, Catholic Charities recruits interns to help teach and manage administrative work. The organization encourages students to bring their creative skills to the table and lead initiatives with the students; however, the program failed to provide guidelines or structures that would help our college interns succeed.

The Solution:

Having worked as a lead teacher and site coordinator with the program for over three years—and being a recent college grad—I knew what areas our interns could best improve and the kind of guidance they might need. To help structure our intern's ideas and educate them of the opportunities our program offers, I wrote and designed the below guide for the program.


Volunteer Recruitment Flyers

The problem:

The ESL volunteer recruitment flyers, utilizing bland language, small text, and clipart images, were failing to get much notice on community message boards.

The solution:

Use photography of ESL volunteers in action so people can visualize themselves in similar roles, feature large, colorful text to catch the attention of passersby, and write more engaging copy. I interviewed volunteer teachers about why they love teaching and used their responses to shape the campaign. 


Social Media Campaign

The opportunity:

Most of our new students learn about the program by word of mouth. They also keep in touch with family and friends via social media platforms. Even our teachers use social media to keep in touch with students about assignments and cultural opportunities around town. 

The Campaign:

I developed promotional images to be shared not just by Catholic Charities on social media, but by our volunteers and students themselves. This quickly gets word of our program out to their friends and family, who are more likely to stick with the program for at least 40 hours of instruction.