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Loved By Louie.

Identity design 

Objective: I had initially developed Victoria's business cards in May of 2016; however, this time she wanted a fuller brand with a playful personality.

My goal was to develop an identity system that not just adds credibility to the style blog my sister had begun, but extends into merchandise and styling. This website/blog would be the base of her brand and a portal to her online shop and image consulting business. 

 Previous logo, icon and business cards.

Previous logo, icon and business cards.

Research and Differentiation

As it turns out, many fashion bloggers are models whose sites mostly feature pictures of themselves. Several also host online shops, but few advertise styling services. The most popular logo fonts are Didot and Bodoni (or some derivation of the two) and the most common color scheme is black and white. Most lack a cohesive identity system extending beyond the website. Additionally, further organization of site layout and interface would benefit most blogs I reviewed. 

Few bloggers share any charitable pursuits, as the majority focus on the life and style of the blogger at hand.In contrast, Victoria's brand will encourage volunteerism by sharing personal experiences, involving images of her friends and clients to build inclusive content, engaging readers with a cohesive brand identity system distinct from the Bodoni-sporting majority, and celebrating style as a form of artful expression, not just a means of being on-trend.


Developing the brand

A playful-yet-subtle, Kawaii-inspired personal aesthetic and eternal love for her pug, Louie, both characterize Victoria. At this point, she wanted her blog to be titled "The Stylish Pup" after Louie and we had explored the possibility of using him as the base of an illustrated brand persona. However, after completing my research and creating the below brand development presentation, I pitched that she change her name to "Loved By Louie." 

This gets away from the cliche of "style" dominating a stylist's brand and clears up confusion that the brand might be some service for a dog. The below image outlines one of three concept directions, which I completed before changing the brand's name. Currently, we are building out a cast of brand personas in addition to a website and branded marketing materials.


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Freelance Project / Skills at play: research, concept development, logo creation, brand identity development, copywriting