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Jessica Bachmann Photography.

Identity Design & Advertising

I started working for Jessica part-time in July of 2014, immediately after I entered the world of design both on an academic and an obsessed, this-consumes-my-every-thought level. With very little training at the time, she trusted me with rebranding her small business and thus I had my first paid design gig (boo-yah!).

For the next two and a half years Jessica both provided me a platform to test my new design knowledge and made me a master at photo editing. The below projects all feature my first ever logo design and other items I created during my time working with her.

Skills at play: logo design, brand development, print layout, advertisement, photo editing, social media


Trademark & Identity rationale

The mark needed to incorporate all three brand colors—magenta, white and black—as well as the image of a camera. I created a monogram stretched across the lens to resemble a reflection, which can be removed from the full design to stand alone. The camera simulates a vintage point-and-shoot, invoking a feeling of timelessness and aligning with Jessica's style of classic portraiture.

To contrast the serif typeface in Jessica's trademark (Baskerville), copy-heavy publications utilize fonts from the Avenir Next family. Whenever possible, magenta graphics and text are used to stand out against black copy. Photographs, which I've edited, accompany publications as often as possible to demonstrate Jessica's style. Below you can see how this identity manifests in Jessica's price list and in an advertisement within the Junior League of New Orleans's Lagniappe magazine.