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Illustrations from 2015.


In the spirit of Halloween, I'm bringing back two projects from the dead! Muahahaha. Please enjoy some spooky illustrations from when I was in school two years ago. Happy Halloween!


Liz's Funhouse

A portrait of me, working in my room, surrounded by the manifestations of my daydreams. Yes, I do think about space invasions and the Illuminati as I work, eat pizza, and listen to the hottest new beats by  Drake. Welcome to my funhouse.

You can also download the Flash version of this illustration here. I know I know, Flash is dead. Or... undead? *Insert spooky Halloween sound* Note: click and hold on the cow to view that animation. 


A Cat-Calling Love (dis)Connection

Assigned to create a short, sound-optional animation, I decided to take some liberties with my interpretation of the theme "take care." I was getting pretty fed-up with the amount of cat-calling I received from random guys on the street in downtown New Orleans, so my video is a warning to them. Bottom line: Don't be a jerk. And, take care.

This was my first ever animation, which involved a series of trials and errors. At the time, I didn't realize sound needs to be recorded prior to animating the illustrations... so the animation is mute. Womp womp. Feel free to add your own verbal narrative to it. If you are having troubles loading the video, try viewing it here


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