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Assorted Internship Designs


The following are projects I completed from January 2016 - May 2016, during my internship at the New Orleans public relations and marketing agency, DEVENEY


The Business Cards

I developed the business card's back design, which incorporates the "DC" logo in black and green as an object within which text can sit. Front Design by Mandy Hernaez.

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The Flowchart


You're new. Worse, you're an intern—overwhelmed and still learning the industry, struggling to keep up with the rest of the office. Most of us can remember what it was like to adjust to the working world in our respective fields. It can be a rough—albeit exciting—experience. Therefore, while still an intern, I created the following guide to help others at DEVENEY succeed. 

I wrote down the advice I'd want to impart on new interns at the agency and organized it into a flowchart to better engage readers, and to give them something fun to read during their adjustment period. I included similar information on the back of the sheet as well for quick reference, since we don't always have time to work through the flow (but it is fun when we do).


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