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Bump Yummy.

Identity Design

Most start-ups we hear of today involve tech innovations to "change the way we do x", manifesting as apps or web services. Bump Yummy is not that kind of start-up.

A mom-and-baby centered company, Bump Yummy's mission to provide the most nutritious lactation products for moms struggling to breastfeed. Theirs is the only truly organic lactation cookie on the market and—quite possibly—is the most delicious.


Understanding the Market

When first taking on this project, we were shocked to learn how many mothers struggle with breastfeeding. According to a study at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, which surveyed 418 first-time moms, 154 had difficulty lactating within their first three days of motherhood.

Only about 50 of these women were able to breastfeed their babies for the recommended first six months. You can read about this study here.

Defining the Brand

To better understand a mom's retail experience (sans baby), I looked for lactation products in nearby stores. Most lactation products I found were produced by Boobie Bar and Milkmakers.

These brands sported harsh-looking trademarks: dominant typefaces with blunt terminals, minimal imagery bordering on cliché, and the overall compositions lacked what softness and intimacy Bump Yummy seeked to cherish. This helped me define Bump Yummy's brand by contrast.

Creating the Mark

With these insights for differentiation in mind, I developed the below mark. The graphic is pictorial, focusing on the warmth of intimacy between mother and baby.

Our client ultimately selected this mark, though requested minor revisions including the use of a new typeface—a customized font inspired by Minimo, created by my coworker, Ivan Aguiar, and included in the image below.

Colors and Copy

When it came to color selection, I searched for hues conveying softness and human intimacy such as peach or pink. Warmth and closeness radiate from these colors, and from the image of mom and child embracing. Rounded type and circles within the icon also foster a soft, intimate sentiment. 

The end-result communicates Bump Yummy's mission: to bring moms and babies closer together.Additionally, my writing skills had—at this point—led me to become the resident copywriter and editor at Vital Design Group. Below is a sample of my writing, which was sent to explain my color choices.


For more about this project, please follow the link below:

Bump Yummy Portfolio Entry

Studio: Vital Design Group / Skills at play: logo creation, copywriting