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Algiers Point Geofilter.


Snapchat Illustration

Project Overview: I made this Snapchat Geofilter to highlight my old neighborhood in New Orleans, Algiers Point. The Geofilter needed to be 100% original and describe a local area where people would want to share Snaps, without covering too much of the mobile device's screen.


About the neighborhood: Algiers Point is the second oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, originally founded as the City of Algiers in 1719. Located across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter, a short ferryboat ride brings visitors to the Algiers levee. From there, one will see the Old Algiers Courthouse, illustrated in my Geofilter. Erected in 1896, the edifice stands as perhaps the most notable landmark in the neighborhood, as it can be easily spotted by ships passing along the river.