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Algiers Point Running Club.

Poster & T-Shirt Illustrations

Back in New Orleans I lived in a neighborhood called Algiers—the second-oldest in the city—located directly across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter. It was a tight-knit community full of friends, and some of them decided to celebrate that by forming a tongue-in-cheek running club centered around their favorite vices: drinking and smoking. The group would meet weekly for a quick run around the neighborhood and finish at the Old Point Bar, whose outdoor patio is chronically clouded with smoke.

I designed a poster and t-shirts for the club to promote the group around the neighborhood and to practice plotting paths in Illustrator. In order to encapsulate the cheeky nature of this "athletic" club, I focused the design on beer—the primary motivator for the club—and featured runners darting for the Old Point Bar.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 2.02.55 AM.png

Client: Algiers Point Running Club / Skills at play: illustration, lettering