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Gibbi the Good Monster Prints.


Q: How can I turn my printmaking class into a simultaneous exploration of character design?

A: By creating Gibbi. Gibbi the Good Monster is a bilingual, expressive, androgynous character with a positive message for the world: do no evil and love yourself. For now, Gibbi lives in a series of fine art prints (lithographs and serigraphs)—and in one coloring page.

  • Project: Personal Project

  • Skills at play: Illustration, lithography, character design, screen printing, sketching, fine art prints


Gibbi Lithographs

What's lithography? Traditionally, it involves drawing with a special waxy crayon onto the finely ground surface of a limestone. This endures a series of chemical processes (called etchings) before the printmaker rolls ink onto it and presses paper to it by way of a large pressing machine. The result: a mirror-image print of the drawing, also known as a lithograph. To view the printing process, check out the accompanying video.


Gibbi Screen Prints & Coloring Page

To produce these screen prints, I developed stencils by using drawings printed on clear film, a mesh screen coated in photo emulsion, and some light. With the film on top, I exposed the screen to light—leaving behind a stencil of my drawing. After a little cleaning, my screen was ready for ink to be pushed through the screen and onto the paper!

When I was still finalizing the drawing for this print, my little cousin mistook what I was working on as a coloring sheet. When I told her she couldn't have it... she was devastated So, I quickly drew her a new one to color. That gave me the idea to make Gibbi available as a free coloring page, which you can now download by clicking here. Enjoy!