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What's cookin' 01.09.2018.

New year, same me... but with new ideas.

So far, the new year has been exciting and full of creative streams of thought for me. My sketches are growing by the day and I'm stoked to turn them into fully developed projects. Since these are still works in progress, they don't quite have a place in my portfolio. But, since I'm too excited to keep them to myself, I'm sharing them here. As they evolve, I'll post updates and share more on Instagram / Twitter. Eek! Here's to a stellar 2018.

Scroll down to learn more about these sketches.

About the projects featured above

    1. 100 Days of NOLA Marks. This is a 100-day challenge to work on trademarks and logos all themed around my hometown, New Orleans. The marks will feature different people / places / scenarios well-known to or often experienced by the general population of my hometown. My initial sketches feature a lot of criticism of the city government, especially the Sewerage and Water Board... Water pumps failing leads to flooded houses, dumping waste leads to a beautiful lake no one (in their right mind) can swim in, and filtration system failures lead to the infamous Water Boil Advisories.

    2. Doggie Do Better Website Wireframes. Initial planning for a future Doggie Do Better website, and good practice for me.

    3. Curiosi-tea Packaging. A brand of my invention created for the sake of illustration and package design practice. 

    4. Dallas Public Library Marks. Concepts for a hypothetical rebranding, with more on the way.

    Plus a drawing of Frank Ocean. Because why not.